A little guide to make your stay smoother in Paris

Traveling is said to be a great teacher, and true it is. Another challenge this teacher accompanies with is the number of problems one encounters while traveling. When you travel whether in your native land or abroad, how much you experience good and bad circumstances or incidents depends upon the attitude and culture of the local people.
When traveling a city like Paris where, you not only have to adjust with new country but the native language also becomes a big problem while dealing with small things. In this piece of article, I try to cover what little yet important things you must know while coming to Paris. If may not solve but it surely will minimize the complications during your sojourn in Paris.
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Spend pleasant and quiet afternoons in Paris

Paris is a city which seems romantic not only at nights but even the afternoons in Paris show a unique temperament. If you can afford then take out a day from your schedule when you would not go anywhere and do nothing. If reading is your passion then find a spot where you can just be yourself. Then spend your afternoon reading your favourite author. Here are a few places that are the best to spend a quiet time in Paris. Continue reading

Vacationing at the River Seine cruise in Paris

Embellished by the Parisians since the Middle Ages, the banks of the historic river Seine is one of the best urban landscapes in the world. Most of the famous monuments of Paris, including the iconic Eiffel Tower are located on the Seine river banks. The historic river seine is a famous tourist sight and there is so much in Paris which you can see from the river Seine. So a Seine river cruise is an excellent way to experience the romantic city views. This article explains what makes this river so special.

Important places to visit near the river Seine
From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, most important monuments and quarters in Paris have been designated in relation to the Seine River. While the Eiffel Tower, Hotel des Invalides and the Musee d’Orsay stand on the south bank of this river, the Concorde, Grand Palais and the Louvre are there on the north bank.

In the middle of the Seine River, there is the Ile de la Cité which is an island and from there you can see the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the St Chapelle. If these are not enough to attract, you will also find many old bridges over this classic river Seine just within Paris. Take pleasure in walking the Passerelle des Arts, a romantic pedestrian and the Pont Neuf, the 16th century Bridge.

An inspirational place for artists and litterateurs
For centuries, the Seine has been an inspiration for many poets. The beauty of river Seine has always been mentioned by poets and authors. The river has also been a favourite subject for painters like Frédéric Bazille, Eugène Boudin, Carl Fredrik Hill, Camille Pissarro and Eugène Isabey. It still makes a romantic backdrop in many photographs of Paris. You can also find many excursion boats that offer sightseeing tour of the Rive Droite and Rive Gauche within the city of Paris.

Select a good Seine River cruise
With so many attractions around this river, it will be better if you can combine your Paris visit with a Seine River cruise. There are many tour organizers that offer Seine River cruise which can go from a 2-hour tour to 9-hour tour. The stops will vary according to the number of hours spent at cruise. Whatever cruise you choose, it sure will be an exceptionally relaxing idea where you can enjoy a French dinner amidst spectacular Paris illuminations at night. So when you plan to visit Paris, don’t skip the traditional Seine river cruise to relax; of course besides booking a good Paris hotel.

Paris – a city where romance breathes

The whole world knows Venice as the city of love but magnetizing Paris too pulls a large number of romantic couples to indulge in the scenic beauty of this city. Romance can actually be felt while traveling to different areas of Paris and its surroundings. There are several places in this city where you can be lost in love or rekindle your lost love. And who knows you may even grow a new relationship!

The article presents a new view towards some of the most romantic places in Paris where you can find your special one or renew the vows taken at the time of marriage.

Café terrace make the perfect place to start sweet talking
Paris has thousands of sidewalk cafes that make a good reason to get entrenched. Visit these cafes any time of the day and you see them filled with lovers. Pick any café terrace and you find a couple sitting there smooching. Even if you are not the one showing public displaying of love, you will start behaving like one of them.

‘Aux Deux Magots’ at St Germain des Pres in front of the St Germain Church is one such lovely sidewalk café. To shelter people from rain and sun, the vast terrace of this café has been covered by a shade. This place had once been a favourite place for writers and philosophers. Though you might not find that literary feel but the café always is an amazing place to spend some quality time with your beloved.

‘Butte aux Cailles’ in the 13th district, ‘Place de la Contrescarpe’ in the 5th district, ‘Place des Abbesses’ on the Montmartre Hill and the perennial cafe on Ile St Louis near Quai de Bourbon are some other nice sidewalk cafés in Paris.

The cafés are traditionally found on the sidewalks only but you can find some while visiting places like museums. For example the Louvre Museum has ‘Les Chevaux de Marly’. Unlike the typical sidewalk cafes, you can in fact smell history at this place inside the museum. The famous movie ‘Da Vinci Code’ was also filmed here.

Walking hand-in-hand
A trip to Paris can be enjoyed the best if you explore the city on foot. There are some of the most romantic places in Paris which can be discovered while strolling only. While walking you also come across several breath-taking views. Known for a quiet and ravishing beauty, ‘Place Furstenberg’ is one such place tucked between St Germain des Prés and the river Seine.

It is the same place where Eugene Delacroix, the famous French painter had made his studio. Though an interesting place to visit during daytime, nights are known for the romantic quality. Sitting on benches beneath the large shady trees accompanied by lamp posts on their sides adds serenity to this quiet atmosphere.

Then while climbing to the top of the Montmartre Hill, the steep flights of stairs give an amazing feeling. Returning from the top in night, you will notice that the area still retains the ‘olden days’ (late 1800) feel. Walking freely hand-in-hand, certainly it is one of those places in Paris where you can express your heart’s deepest feelings.

A lesser known place for experience romanticism is the tip of the ‘Ile de la Cité’. Situated at the downstream of ‘Ile St Louis’, it is a beautiful island. The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saint Chapelle are the most notable sights of this place. Walk towards the western tip of ‘Ile de la Cité’ and you see the ‘Pont Neuf’ – a bridge built in the 16th century. To get the best views, daytime visit is recommended.

Paris really abounds in such places where you can start a new relation or rebuild a long lost relationship. Just a visit to some places in Paris and the memories will be forever recorded in your mind and heart. Wherever you walk, just remember not to set your vision to eye-level only as there you get to see beautiful ‘upper floor’ sceneries too.

If you wish to ignite the flames of passion in you or rekindle your sleepy marriage, just visit Paris once and you would like to come here again and again.

Visiting cemeteries in Paris: An unusual experience

While traveling a place for pleasure if someone suggests you to visit a cemetery, how would you react? Of course you will find it strange but if I say that Paris is a place where you might get enchanted by many such cemeteries known for their unusual element, you will have to believe me. While visiting some of them, you will be amazed to see how the French pay respect to the dead souls.
Many people may find it an odd practice to place flowers and other ornamentations like wrath, etc. around headstones in cemeteries but graveyards in Paris are far more than spooks, funerals and black clothes. Even if you find it odd, take some time to visit a cemetery in Paris and you are sure to be marveled over the dignity and reverence of the French people.
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Planning your honeymoon — Romantic Paris makes the perfect destination

Have you recently got married and looking for a honeymoon-destination, why not plan a trip to Paris – the ultimate place of romance! Honeymoon period comes only once in your life and the moments passed during these times are cherished forever. So you must make the best of it by visiting far off places where together you get to explore new things. Read the article to know what makes Paris the most suitable honeymoon destination. Continue reading

Paris: A Paradise for Photographers

Since Paris is one of the birthplaces of photography, it is the perfect place for photographers at all levels. The beautiful city of Paris gives you endless options to be photographed. From landscape to the arrangements of goods or flowers in a shop; from a building façade to the pieces of sculptural beauty; Paris provides a rich material for all those who love photography. The article introduces you to a few places where you would love to shoot at.

Places you can photograph in Paris
The moment you land enter this city, you will find yourself surrounded by the several old and new beautiful structures. Most of the places in this city, including Paris hotels are delight to photograph. Moreover, the moments you spend in this city should be clicked so that you can show them to your family and friends on your way back to home. So when in Paris, make sure to shoot some of the following places and monuments. Continue reading

Industries in Paris & the Parisian Economy

With an inflow of around 45 million tourists every year, Paris undoubtedly is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As per a survey conducted in 2005, the urban area of Paris has been declared the biggest city economy in Europe with a GDP of €533.6 billion (US$731.3 billion). However, in the world’s list of cities by GDP, Paris is ranked fifth. Little wonder then if it is called the engine of the global economy as Paris is the premier centre of economic activities in France. Continue reading